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The power of my hand
drawn 3D approach:

Put my revolutionary hand drawn 3D approach to work for you.
All you need is your iPad. No experience necessary.


Sketching and illustrating your ideas is a fundamental skill. It’s a composite of career improvement, simplifying the design process, impressing your clients, standing out from the crowd, AND really enjoying the creative process.


Watch the video
for more insights:


Bring a unique, artistic flair that transforms interiors into living works of art to your designs! This hand drawn 3D approach offers a level of detail, atmosphere and precision that computers can’t replicate.

  • ✔️ Design and draw in front of your client
  • ✔️ Stand out from the competition
  • ✔️ Control every corner and every object
  • ✔️ Try out different design concepts quickly
  • ✔️ Do it anywhere!

Results achieved by other webinar attendees in less than an hour:

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This is what you’ll
be able to draw LIVE
with my guidance:


This is what you’ll
be able to draw LIVE
with my guidance:


This webinar is perfect for you if:

You always wanted to learn drawing but think you don’t have talent or not good enough.

You procrastinate and have time management issues.

You feel like your previous experience has left you with something to desire.

You want to expand your professional offer and impress your clients.

Time-consuming 3D computer programs never felt right.

Looking for like-minded people from all over the world to share their creativity.

This is what is waiting for you on the inside of the webinar:

  • ASDB Academy signature drawing strategy - proof that anyone can draw.
  • Tools, tips and techniques to power up 3D illustrations and reveal your creativity.
  • Discover the joy of expressing your ideas through artwork.
  • Intro to Procreate - drawing app No.1 - your design powerhouse.
  • Create quick AND realistic sketches on the fly.

GIFTS AND BONUSES for attending:

Pre-recorded lesson about all the important features of the Procreate app to kickstart your creative journey.

The webinar workbook to help you better prepare for the webinar. Digital interior drawing workbook: uses, ideas, inspiration and tutorials.


Holding 3 diplomas in art, interior design and journalism, Anna successfully works on exclusive high end interior design and real estate projects worldwide. Successful sales hinged on Anna’s sketches illustrating properties before they were actually built.

The international interest in Anna’s work has proven the uniqueness of her innovative 3D skill, which merges interiors and aesthetics into one.

Her mission is to show you how to turn spaces into art, simply fall in love with this creative process and change the way people see spaces. Like thousands of students who have already become part of the ASDB Academy and empowered their skill sets, you are unique in your skills and perspectives, and we can’t wait for you to join us too.

A personal message from Anna:

"I just came back from the most insightful and inspiring trip to New York where I met my absolute dream client in real estate and introduced my 3D sketches to him. If you want my insights to change the creative world with my innovative 3D approach, you HAVE to be there. This part of the webinar WON’T be recorded so don’t miss it LIVE. See you there”


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