THE “AND SHE DRAWS BIG” ACADEMY is the leading online educational platform where we create hand drawn 3D renderings with loads of atmosphere in Procreate. This really unique way of presenting your ideas and concepts LIKE THIS will make you stand out in the crowd and make your presentations unforgettable. 


Get to know me

I am Anna, an experienced interior and real estate illustrator having completed exceptional high-end projects in Germany, Austria, the U.S., Canada and Denmark.

Design, drawing and beautiful interiors have always been my passion and starting off from a small town in Russia I have learned languages, finished two degrees (one in interior design) and really took charge of my life.

Today, I run a successful design studio in Germany, have 70k+ followers on Instagram and have founded the Academy because I love to work with people sharing my passion and to share my knowledge in return.

The Academy is my newest baby and of course about learning how to draw, develop an eye for beauty and perspectives yet it may also be your first step into a new and better life.

Draw your way
into your
new future

If you want to master the art of interior sketching, design interesting interiors with a focus on aesthetics and all you have got is a floor plan with dimensions - you are completely right here. The structure of all my programs is that I start off with the easiest parts like drawing lines and simple forms and end with complex three-dimensional drawings. My courses are ideal for beginners as well as for advanced illustrators. 

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The following courses/programs

are available at the Academy:


Turning floor plans into magic

The full course

Interior Drawing from A to Z in Procreate

Free Checklist

Everything you ever wanted to know about Procreate

Every study program of the Academy
is based on the following three steps:


We are starting from scratch and construct a simple form of our future interior using given dimensions (if provided)


We apply base colors and emphasize shadowing and lighting in general


The final step includes adding atmosphere, details and hiding black contour lines


Everything you ever wanted to know about Procreate

Discover the drawing guide menu, selections, transform sections, gestures, layer options menu and with these new skills you will transform your career and perhaps your life.

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