draw your way
into your new future.

to a cutting-edge approach and skill set mastered by only a few.

magic in motion


Begin with the basics and move beyond. How to: develop usable skills,
an understanding of the marketplace, and your own sense of style.

this program
definitely for you if…

  • You’ve always wanted a career in the visual arts but don’t know where to start
  • You are looking to be inspired by your work again
  • Your previous studies left you without a clear path
    or tools to perform successfully in the industry
  • You’re struggling to boost your visual skills to
    the next level
  • You’re bored with other programs and want to work
    with interesting designs with a focus on aesthetics

imagine if you could…

  • Exude confidence in your work to impress
    clients, colleagues, and peers
  • Learn a profession & land the job
    you’ve always dreamt of
  • Use Procreate with ease and understanding
  • Create your own perspective, so each
    sketch is uniquely yours
  • Express yourself through your artwork
  • Draw commissioned 3D renderings
    and make money from your drawings
  • Develop skills applicable to real estate, interior design, architectural firms, and visual communication in general
  • Connect with a like-minded
    community that supports you

the academy

Our technique is an unquestionably unique and innovative direction in 3D.

Allow your clients to experience their spaces with full atmosphere through your eye-popping renderings.

What makes us different: modern style, professional strategies, fundamentals to finishing touches and building the right mindset.

The program starts with foundations, where you’ll learn the most essential tools and develop an eye for detail. Simplicity gradually transitions into more complex modules on floor plans, real estate and interior design.

from those
who know it works…

The course is absolutely perfect - I loved the structure, you made even the learning of the technical aspects such as perspective or light and shadows aesthetically pleasing and really fun and easy to follow. It's the only course I have taken so far and it really provided me with everything I needed to know to create beautiful artworks I wasn't even aware I'm capable of. 

I gave the course to myself as a present for finishing my bachelor's degree and I must say it is worth every single cent. I even managed to sign up my first client already! 

-Katarina @katarinaduris

„Thanks for a great course, I have looked into other courses and they assume that you already know the basics and just steam ahead.  Thank you for making a course that takes us newbies and teaches the fundamentals that make sense and are directly applicable to rendering.


"I started to learn how to draw on Procreate, which I have never used or tried before and started seeing amazing results in a short amount of time. It never really felt like I was taking a course, it felt like drawing with a friend who had a lot more experience than I did and wanted to teach me how it’s done. The Whatsapp Group of the ASDB Academy, which is specifically for Anna’s students, really helped me to stay motivated and to keep on practicing. I talked to amazing people who wanted to reach the same goal as I did and Anna was always by our side and helped us with every question and problem we could possibly have."

-Alisa (@alisasinterior)

"This course equivalent to a college or university level art studio course. I’d recommend it to anyone currently working, or looking to start a career in interior design or architecture. Anna’s lessons have taught me many things I never learned in school. I even scored my first client using my new skill set after only completing the first four lessons, and I have so much still to learn!"

-Pete @drawn_home

"Anna’s instructions are clear and thoughtfully composed. You complete the projects at your own pace, and each one has Anna showing you exactly how she achieves her result. You put in the work, and you will be producing your own stunning renderings before you know it. Due to the nature of the work, having a large screen iPad will make drawing easier, and a computer or other tablet will help you follow along with each lesson."

-Pete @drawn_home

"I am currently working on a project and hasn't been much of a student right now, but I still feel amazed by the wonderful drawings techniques you teach us. 
As a matter of fact I felt confident when it was time to visualize perspective of bathrooms or kitchen for the development of the ideas. And even though they were rough and not rendered yet..the client was so amazed and thankful because it helped quickly and effectively to understand the design.

I am so thankful for your course and can't wait to see how the perspectives will turn out when rendered."

-Serena @arch_me_daily

"I AM LOVING THE CLASS. I can't stress enough how great and thorough it is. I'm so happy I made this investment!"


"I want to say that I love the course. I’m learning a lot! I also started applying what I learned from it to a few of my thesis renderings, and my professor was impressed. I still need to do a lot of practice, but your course helped me improve!!! Thanks so much!"


"With Anna’s @andshedrawsbig course I am not just learning how to do that I am actually learning much more: how to make atmosphere, how to scale correctly and the much fun part how to make textures! It was always been a dream to learn doing that and now just found the cut to it. Thank you Anna so much!!"

-Mahmood @wealldesigns_

take the leap, be the change.

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i’m anna katkova

an experienced interior and real estate illustrator of exceptionally high-end projects in Germany, Austria, the U.S. and Canada.

After the pandemic ruined my dream job, I took a leap of faith, took charge, and decided to work as an independent artist. Inspired by my time in art school and my lifelong passions: drawing, interior design and photography, I created the And She Draws Big Academy.

It is the culmination of all of my life experience, including a B.A in both Interior Design & Journalism. I am so excited to share all of this with you.

inside the program

Interior Drawing from A to Z is a self-paced program with detailed step-by-step tutorials and lifetime access. Various methods and hacks on how to create a 3D visualization of any space quickly, easily and precisely. Get functional brush sets, ready design concepts, stunning floor plan templates, and much more.


New addition: including brand-new lessons from renowned experts:

Eduard Weber (public speaking, NYC) and James (architect, NYC)

  • You’ve always wanted a career in visual arts don’t
    know where to start
  • You are looking to be inspired by your work again
  • Your previous studies left you without a clear path
    or tools to perform successfully in the industry
  • You’re struggling to boost your drawing skills to
    the next level
  • You’re bored with other programs and want to work
    with interesting interiors with a focus on aesthetics ccb7ad

more than a course,
you can also develop…

  • Artistic and financial freedom
  • A new career with flexible hours and room to grow
  • Confidence in your work like never before
  • A new eye for perspective and interior style
  • A new skill set for interior drawing and visual communication

these students

made it happen


sign up now,
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Are you ready to enter an entirely new phase of your life as an artist
and designer? Are you ready to work on your own terms with the kind
of skill set you could only dream of? Are you ready to transform your
career and perhaps your life?

All prices incl. V.A.T. (19%)

Get access to our exclusive creative community + daily support, monthly live coaching calls, 80+ step-by-step online tutorials, 30+ templates, constant growth and updates.

frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get into the course
after registration?

The course will be available immediately after your purchase.

Should I have drawing experience or a degree in art & interior design
to take the course?

The course starts with the basics, so no interior design & art skills are necessary.

As the course is designed to learn drawing from scratch, it suits beginners, as well as students, who would like to improve their skills. It’s a very detailed step-by-step course starting from the basics and commitment to the course delivers results. 

Additionally, we are a large, closed community, which really helps as we all face the same challenges at some point along the way.

Can I pay for the course and take it later?

Once purchased, the course is immediately and fully available to you. Of course you can purchase the course at
any time and subsequently also get started whenever you are ready for it.

Are the lessons LIVE or pre-recorded?

All lessons are pre-recorded and you can complete them in your own learning speed.

Course access is guaranteed unlimited but please stay put and start your new life with interior drawing immediately :)

👉 Please note that lifetime access refers to the life of the ASDB Academy. That includes the course curriculum and the materials. 

How quick should I be? Is there a date when my
course has to be completed?

No, you can complete it at your own learning speed. In our experience most students take about 2 to 3 months to complete the course and most of them hold down a job or have a full-time occupation while they do so.

Do you guarantee the result 100%?

You will definitely reach your goal if you will do all your homework where you will be using all your knowledge
from all products, attentively watch and repeat every action Anna shows in her course.

At the beginning this may seem challenging but if you will continue using her method and keep practicing daily
you will be able to reach amazing results. She has built her products very logically, step-by-step and described
even small details.

However, Anna isn’t responsible for your actions and decisions.

Will I be able to work with Anna personally during the course?

1:1 work with Anna is not included into the program. However, you’ll receive support inside our community from our friendly and competent managers, as well as monthly LIVE sessions with Anna.

Which tools do I need?

An iPad, an apple pencil and make sure you downloaded PROCREATE.

I have a technical problem or question...

Reach out to [email protected] & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.