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Elevate Your Artistry: Mini Course on Shadowing, Lighting, and Confident Lines

Confident lines, light and shadows are the blueprint of your creative projects. They breathe life into your artwork, transcending it from mere visuals to captivating narratives. Not using this artistry can leave your results stark and flat. Our brand new course dedicated solely to these topics will transform your expression.


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By mastering these techniques, you gain the power to manipulate and mold your creations in ways that evoke genuine reactions and connections.

Shadows and lines are the unsung heroes of visual artistry.

They’re the silent architects behind the scenes, sculpting dimension, defining form, and guiding our perception. Shadows add drama and intrigue, while lines inject movement, energy, and purpose. By mastering the art of shadowing, lighting, and confident lines, you’ll possess the tools to create art that speaks volumes without uttering a word.


Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

Deep Dive into Fundamentals

You’ll build a solid foundation for your artistic journey through hands on well structured and detailed video lessons focused on practical applications.

Lines with Purpose 

Build your confidence to wield lines that shape your creations through the same detailed video lesson approach.

Crafting Atmosphere

Discover the art of setting the mood through lighting, and learn how to evoke emotions that resonate with your audience by breathing life into several still life compositions.

Perspective is Everything

Develop your artistry of perspective to bring real life proportion to the elements in your compositions with practical tools and techniques.

Build Your Portfolio 

Create a portfolio brimming with images that showcase your mastery of shadowing, lighting, and confident lines.

Let's paint with light, sculpt sculpt with shadow, and draw with purpose. 
Drawing various still life compositions is THE BEST way to practice shadows and start this transformative experience!

Sketches you’ll be drawing inside the program:

Results from the students of THE ASDB ACADEMY:

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Meet the founder - Anna

  • 4 years of art school (legendary still life compositions)
  • Recognition of my hand drawn approach by professors during my interior design studies
  • High end commercial projects ONLY
  • Constant personal growth: courses, coaching programs, new drawing styles
  • My calling: And She Draws Big Academy. 1000+ stunning sketches from our students


Hear more from our students:

Exclusive Early Bird Price for the first 50 students!

499€ 399€

  • 21 detailed video tutorials

  • Instant access

  • Custom ASDB Brushset

  • Stylish sketches 

  • 2 years of course access

Whether you’re a novice or looking to refine your skills, this course is your gateway to mastering the fundamentals that define remarkable spaces.

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