Interior Project from A to Z

interior app Feb 18, 2024
Anna Katkova with her ipad app

How has your week been?

Mine was very productive - I designed this interior project solely in Procreate, and in this newsletter, you’ll get to know HOW!

Gone are the days of switching between various software programs like Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. As you can see in this moodboard, iPad Procreate not only replaces traditional drawing tools but also functions as a versatile digital canvas, allowing you to experiment with your ideas and trying our different concepts.

Sharing my other potential ideas before that final interior design was born:

Step 1: Create a canvas size

Step 2: Draw a floor plan to scale

Step 3: Bring in furniture by importing the pictures OR drawing them from scratch.

When it comes to collages in Procreate, you can work in different techniques: hand drawn, integrated, and the classic “import” approach.

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and software to bring your design ideas to life? Do you want to draw, design, and enjoy this process?

➡️ If the answer is YES, you’re invited to my brand new open drawing workshop where you’ll be drawing and designing EXACTLY THIS PROJECT ABOVE with my step-by-step guidance!

Where: Online

YES, the recording will be available to you shortly afterwards, but there’ll be special surprises for LIVE attendees :)

>> Click here to attend at no cost


What you can expect AFTER the webinar:

Flexibility: Experiment with different styles, colors, and techniques super quickly. Let me show you exactly what the initial design looked like. In a matter of MINUTES I levelled it up, and this is how the final moodboard was born.

Ease of use (my personal fav!): intuitive design powerhouse, even if you’re not a tech genius.

Precision: precise control over your designs and drawings - I LOVE the detail part! If you are my student, you know exactly what that part is.

Integration: import different types of images and materials.

Cost-effective: no expensive design software!

And, of course! MOBILITY: design from anywhere, anytime.

Summing up, my hand drawn skills paired with iPad Procreate are a MUST for interior designers and other creatives.

>> Get your free invite


Warm regards from Germany,


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