A Love Letter to Interior Sketching on iPad

interior interior app scratch Mar 17, 2024
Interior Sketching By iPAD

Hey there,

I wanted to take a moment to share something close to my heart: a love letter to interior sketching. It's a passion of mine, my career, my hobby, and I believe it holds tremendous value for creatives like us, especially in our digital age.

During my interior design studies, I intentionally avoided computer renderings and opted for hand-sketching my concepts instead. Let me be completely honest with you: waiting for final renders and the lack of flexibility with digital images didn't suit my impatient nature. Plus, the cost of traditional materials added up quickly, especially for students like me.

The dilemma: I ADORED the unique touch hand-drawn sketches brought to my projects, but I definitely needed more flexibility and mobility. Also, I didn’t want to have that fear of making drawing mistakes in colors or lines and to need to start over and over again…

Then, on my birthday, I received my first iPad - it was one of the simplest versions, 9.7 inch screen, 32 GB of storage.

Everything changed. 

In addition to all those creative aspects, I now had more: with my iPad in hand, I could sketch anywhere and anytime, unleashing my creativity on planes, in libraries, in museums, and even during dull lectures.

✍️ And the variety of all those pencils, pens and colors - this is where my design and drawing skills completely boosted 1000x times.

My journey into interior design sketching had TRULY BEGUN!

Now, iPad drawing not only supports my interior projects, but it has also become my career. I create hand-drawn interior concepts for clients and teach this technique at my 3D drawing Academy - THE ASDB Academy.

And these are some of my hand drawn interior sketches created on my iPad:

Let me invite you into this fabulous world of digital interior sketching too - let me be your mentor! Below are important links to start your journey quickly, easily and have a lot of fun:

>> Online iPad drawing coaching with me

Once you've created your first - or next - interior sketch, be sure to share it with me! You can find me on Instagram @andshedrawsbig or email me at [email protected]

Thank you for sticking with me till the end, and here's to your creative journey!

Warm regards,

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