Hand Drawn vs. Computer Renderings

Mar 28, 2024

During my interior architecture studies, there was one thing that I profoundly rejected, and that laid the foundation for the ASDB Academy in early 2021. My principles and a desire for flexibility, uniqueness, creativity, and simplicity, drove me to avoid using computer renderings in my projects. I've always believed, even before my studies and art school graduation, that drawing is not merely a decorative skill but a professional powerhouse that brings memorable results, revealing our inner voice.

In a world of constant change and uncertainty, your creative sketching skills will accompany you for your lifetime, offering you endless possibilities, often when you least expect it.

When I lost my dream job as an interior architect in a renowned Hamburg studio, my world seemed to collapse, at least for the first week. However, I gathered myself together, realizing that no one, not even a pandemic nor an employer, could strip away my lifelong drawing skills and my ability to communicate ideas powerfully.

These skills have not only enabled me to work on high-end projects globally but have also become my secret tool for communication, attracting new clients, and expanding my network. My distinct approach to visualizing spaces leaves a lasting impression, ensuring that everyone remembers my unique style.

My lines, stories, experiences, and skill set are unique, and so are yours. This hand-drawn skill will positively impact your creative expression too!

Let's jump into this creative journey together - welcome to our Soho House for creatives ;)

Learn drawing with me as your drawing coach and creative support - here’s everything for you need to get started:

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Enjoy your day and happy sketching!

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