Perfect Timing 🕒

Mar 30, 2024

Give me a virtual high five if you’ve ever experienced something similar: you have a brilliant idea / project in mind which you know will help a lot of people, or even just one client. Everything says “DO IT”! -the resources, the landscape, your friends and family think it’s a brilliant idea too.


Something deep inside says, "Hold up, not now”.

You feel a touch of discomfort inside you. And not that discomfort of changing your life, but a discomfort of your gut telling you that you shouldn’t do this. At least, not now. It just… doesn’t feel right.

And then, the feeling tells you to put that idea on the back burner for now. You can see the disappointment with your decision in everyone’s face.

Been there, done that.

Please tell me I’m not the only one! This is exactly how I felt one year ago, at the beginning of April 2023, when I prepared revolutionary sketching techniques for architecture, greenery and landscape design.

This idea was born out of your countless questions about how to draw exteriors, landscapes, outdoor patios and quick architectural sketches for communicating ideas and concepts quickly in a blink of an eye. Even my mom flew in to Frankfurt where I lived back then to film additional lessons.

It all sounded spectacular until it didn’t: I shot it down and made all the refunds. Read the full story HERE.

You can’t even imagine how sad I was to send that email to our new members of the architectural community saying that it was not going to happen.

You know what’s funny? After that, throughout that entire year, I was still gathering ideas thinking “just in case, who knows”.

Fast forward one year later, winter-spring 2024. That inner voice came out of nowhere, saying “IT’S TIME”. And, oh boy, was it ever!

These sketches were inspired by an indescribable energy I’d never felt before! At the same time, I developed these sketches, I was painting expressionist art… a lot. It brought new creative influence to my architectural sketches.

Additional drawing processes of the legendary Frey House in Palm Springs and an interior in the Hamptons are also in the works exclusively for you!

It was all worth the disappointment and the wait!

And now it’s all waiting for you! The first students are already part of this brand new iPad architectural sketching course - all the registrants of the waitlist got in and secured their bonuses: that paper-like marker brush set AND a special discounted early bird price.

>> You are now invited to be a part of this! Click here to join.


Thanks so much for being a part of my journey through perfect timing. Can't wait to see you on the creative side!


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