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interior scratch Mar 08, 2024
Home interior design

Here are 3 steps to illustrating an interior concept entirely by hand:

Step 1️⃣ Moodboard (classic / mixed, the choice is yours)

Step 2️⃣ Quick messy sketch for the in-between process, less than 20 minutes

Step 3️⃣ Final hand drawn rendering 

And now, on to the details of each of those steps.

The moodboard for the living room depicts different textures and elements in 3D, some of which were inserted and integrated into the collage. Some of the elements are hand drawn. This moodboard is a complex illustration on its own and can totally be presented to your client even as a postcard from your design studio.

The moodboard for the bathroom, on the other hand, is a messy collage, quickly put together to collect ideas for a future project.


Now, that we have final moodboards and floor plans, it’s time to dive into 3D creation! At this stage, we can also play around with colors, textures and even design solutions without having to draw the complex space in detail. This is going to be Step 3.

The right brushes are crucial at this stage as they deliver the ease and joy of sketching lines and applying colors, which is also one of the reasons we draw, isn’t it?

And now, on to the final 3D drawings. Don’t let all these lines confuse you. Thanks to the incredibly helpful drawing guide, we define the direction of the lines and let the pencil do the work, so to speak!

You see, each of these drawing techniques has its own purpose and allows us to differentiate between freehand, quick and automated lines, depending on the step of the drawing process.

P.S. OF COURSE, you can integrate furniture items, as I did in the living room project. The world of digital drawing is absolutely fabulous, and I’m really excited to share it all with you!

Both of the projects are part of our signature drawing course, “Make 3D Renderings Work for You”, check out the curriculum here.

OR, you can start designing on your iPad right away! My brand new (FREE!) drawing workshop is the perfect first step in the world of drawing, and we’ll discuss where and how you can apply this skill professionally.

All other important drawing resources to get started can be found HERE.

Happy drawing!

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