Branding for Creatives / Insight from New York!

Feb 09, 2024

I’ve had a week full of insightful encounters and events, which I’d like to share today with you. Here’s what today’s edition is going to be about:

  • Why personal brand has become such an essential part of EVERY business - whether it is design, art, or real estate: insights from a LIVE book signing session in New York with the one and only Ryan Serhant. He just wrote his third book, which is about using personal brands for more influence and sales. (P.S. I got a second book for one of YOU which he personally signed)
  • How leaving your comfort zone DAILY will change your life: an insight from me and what I’ve experienced during this trip in New York :)


So, integrating personal brands into your professional accounts. Recap from Ryan Serhant’s LIVE event at Barnes & Noble. Exclusive fragments of his interview especially for you!

“The path to success today is built on strong branding. And what’s so amazing about the world we live in now, compared to 20 years ago or our parents, is that today anyone can build an incredible brand and on top of it build an amazing career. So you can make more money, stand out in the crowd, you can sell whatever you want to whomever you want to.”

“Once you understand what your foundation is, what your core identity is, you start building your brand power.”

“I want to go and build a, let’s say, fitness business, so what will I do? Where do I start? Do I do an Instagram post? Do I blog about it? A brand starts with the core identity. And this is the identity you understand truly deep down inside because that’s what’s gonna lead your lips when you’re gonna talk. It’s everything about you. And you understand your core identity by understanding what your AND is. So you are a real estate agent AND.. what? (In our case, you are a designer or artist, AND?)

Your core identity is what you do. Once you leave the room your core identity turns into a perception. It’s the perception the world has of you. And then, this perception turns into reputation. What people are saying about you behind your back.”

+ a powerful message from his new book: “I thought long and hard about the image I wanted to project to the world. I developed a clear vision of how I would use media to create an entirely new way of selling. I reflected on who I was at my core, and what unique qualities about myself and my company we should showcase”.

So, which insights do you have after reading these thoughts? I also got a chance to ask Ryan my question regarding how much personal and professional content should we post so that the page still looks harmonious and not confusing. The answer was that it should be equal for both worlds without overcasting one or another.

Even though this concept isn’t new for me, since I started integrating my personal brand a couple of years ago, I still gained TONS of incredible hacks and ideas for my business during that LIVE event in New York, and from his book.

Speaking about which☝️

The second signed copy of "Brand it like Serhant: Stand out from the crowd, build your following, and earn more money” is waiting for one of YOU! 

🌟 We’re organizing a brand new “Student of the Month” award for our ASDB students in our signature mentorship program, and the book AND a signed postcard from New York will both be prizes!

And yes, if you become part of the ASDB Academy’s signature course today, of course, you’ll also be participating in it! That truly exclusive prize will be sent to one of you at the end of February. If you already are our ASDB student, good luck to you, WOOHOO!! 🎁 📖

You probably don’t know, but all these incredible events, encounters and business collaborations happening in my life are the direct result of me pushing through my daily “let’s stay at home and draw instead of getting out there and exploring new opportunities” and leaving my comfort zone on a daily basis. I’m a very comfortable person and love my apartment, but at the same time I know that sitting at home and hoping for opportunities to knock on my door won’t happen. Unfortunately :D

So, if you feel the same, we’re definitely in the same boat :)

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading till the end and talk to you next Friday!


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Warm regards from New York🗽

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