Career Growth in 2024

Feb 21, 2024

2024 - Instagram hitting its 14th birthday, every other person becoming a content creator, a sea of competitors coming to your market daily… It's pretty easy to wonder if you've missed the boat, isn’t it?

But guess what? You haven't.

So, what’s the solution? Personal brand. Sure, there may be millions offering the same services, but… there's only ONE YOU. Sounds simple, right? Yes! This is THE essence of what will set you apart in 2024.

Here’s the proof! I just got back from New York, where I had the chance to attend a live session with THE real estate guru, Ryan Serhant. His message was loud and clear: in today's world, having a personal brand isn't just important – it's EVERYTHING.

So, that all sounds great, BUT… How do we, as Creatives, translate this wisdom into our design and art work? 


It's about pulling back the curtain, literally! Sharing the real stories behind our work, and charging your content with your personality and YOUR OWN perspective.

  • Just finished a client’s project? Share the before and after story of its creation.
  • Travelling somewhere? Share your insights from that trip and how it influences you and your work as a Creative.
  • Finally buying your dream bag? Share a story of how you first found it, made a promise to own it one day, worked hard towards it, and finally brought this purchase to life.

And speaking of leveraging your unique brand! Join me for my upcoming drawing workshop, where we'll dive deep into the power of drawing and branding to supercharge your career, expand your network, and build opportunities in 2024 and beyond.

>> Click here to sign up for the 2024 branding and drawing workshop with me.

‼️ Just draw and design beautiful objects and spaces isn’t enough any more. You have to know (and integrate!) all the ins and outs of the current creator reality, and I’m here to help you with that. Here’s your personal invite once again!

Keep rocking amazing days, and see you soon!

Warm regards,

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