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interior interior app Jan 26, 2024
Home interior design with app

I just got 3D renders for a new design concept of my bedroom, which were based on my bird’s-eye-view sketch 😍

Why do I need both? How has drawing helped me communicate my vision with interior designers? Why did I work with an interior designer instead of doing everything myself? Am I going to be using computer renderings in my future projects?

All your questions answered in this newsletter, so… let’s go!


Design goal: more storage space for my clothes, shoes and bags (I’m a typical girl after all :D ), more personality and color, as well as more aesthetics.

My design process started with this quick moodboard consisting of the overall mood, texture and color palette.

Tools used: iPad, Apple Pencil, Procreate, Pinterest.

Then, based on that, I created a bird’s-eye-view from scratch from a simple floor plan I found in the contract of my apartment.

Hack - you can also use photos of your space, the approach is the same.

First, we import the floor plan and then raise all the walls in perspective.

After all the walls have been raised in perspective, it’s time to bring in the new design concept. Yes, the drawing is to scale.

At the end, we add finishing touches and turn a simple sketch into a piece of art.

What I really like about digital drawing is how easy it is to make changes and adjustments, you don’t have to re-draw the entire sketch. It’s all about using layers and the automated drawing guide.

➡️ If you also like to draw on your iPad but don’t know where and how to start, I have 2 options for you:

In my open drawing webinar, you will create your own digital art with my guidance - click here to attend.


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And now, the most mysterious part. Why did I decide to work with a designer? Well, it’s not that I decided to order full interior design services, no. I already have a vision of the future design concept, so I just needed the final touch with all the links prepared for me instead of me actually searching for all them myself.

So, I decided to book short-term interior design services.

Funny fact: their first draft didn’t meet my vision at all, until I showed them my sketch to effectively communicate my idea. My quick sketch helped them understand my vision perfectly and add all the finishing touches to my bedroom.

So, after seeing the sketch, they openly agreed on the best space design.

And now….DRUMROLL PLEASE! 3D renders based on my bird’s-eye-view:

See, sketching doesn’t necessarily have to replace computers. They can totally complement each other.

This is my bedroom before. The initial idea I created a hand drawn sketch of. And these are 3D renders developed by the designer, based on my quick drawing.

I really do think that drawing skills + iPad are an incredibly powerful combo for ANY project type - speaking from my own experience and experience from my clients.

Get a taste of drawing digitally with me without committing to mentorships - I just filmed 11 detailed step-by-step video tutorials for you to get started easily, have fun and be entertained throughout the whole process. Start creating your own masterpieces!

Yes, this yellow sofa is also part of those tutorials :)

>> Draw with my step-by-step guidance here!

See you next week!

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