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interior interior app Jan 17, 2024
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2024 has already brought two incredible resources designed just for you! Let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to them ✍️

Ever found yourself looking at beautifully crafted sketches, wondering, "How can I draw like that?”, “How to get started quickly and easily?”, or trying to figure out which tools you need to bring your design ideas to life… well, then, this email is for you!

I’ll be your guide at the ASDB Academy today, where we transform spaces into stunning, hand-drawn 3D art ☺️
Today, I'm thrilled to introduce two incredible resources designed with you and your needs in mind.

➡️ Choosing the right iPad, brushes, screen protectors, iPad cases, not to mention getting all the essentials for digital drawing and designing ready - this is THE perfect step-by-step guide to start your journey in digital design on your iPad. And… it’s free!

>> Get your own free copy here

➡️ Moving on to our brand new Starter Course - your next step on this digital design journey with the ASDB Academy. Layers, brushes, and secrets unveiled in 11 step-by-step video tutorials.

Here are the drawings you’ll be able to add to your portfolio that you’ll create with me:

>> Get instant access

It's a powerful launchpad for developing hand-drawn 3D skills without committing to our mentorship program.

➡️ Dreaming of diving deep into the art of 3D drawing? Our signature mentorship program is where your creative journey takes flight. 100+ detailed step-by-step video tutorials, personalized guidance, live coaching calls with me, lifetime access to the core course, and a vibrant community that shares your passion.

>> Apply for the program here

More hand drawn sketches and projects from our signature course “Make 3D Renderings Work for You”:

And, you can always attend our 2 hour drawing webinar! Design and draw your ideas LIVE - how about we sketch out a stylish and diverse interior moodboard LIVE? Brass, hexagonal tiles, wood, marble, terrazzo - I've got a masterpiece in the making that's just waiting to become part of your portfolio:

>> My hand drawn approach explained in detail

Alisa, our incredible ASDB community manager, will also be there, providing you with detailed instructions alongside the visual drawing part!

👉 In addition to the sketching, we’ll definitely be talking about professional applications for drawing, whether you need to go to art school and have talent, common drawing mistakes all newbies make, not to mention meeting my students at the ASDB Academy and the results they’ve achieved with me as their mentor.

No experience in drawing or interior design necessary! Just come, be a part of the whole drawing and design process LIVE and get inspired by the fabulous world of And She Draws Big!

Let’s kickstart your creative year with a burst of inspiration together! Looking forward to seeing you at the ASDB Academy!

Have an absolutely amazing day 🌟

Warm regards from Germany,

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